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Archive April 14, 2019

Regulation E: Electronic Fund Transfers 12 CFR 205

The full regulation is available on the Government Printing Office web site. Regulation E provides a basic framework that establishes the rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of participants in electronic fund transfer systems such as automated teller machine transfers, telephone bill-payment services, point-of-sale (POS) terminal transfers in stores, and preauthorized transfers from or to a consumer’s

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USA Chart of Account

SAMPLE CHART OF ACCOUNTS1000 ASSETS1010 CASH Operating Account1020 CASH Debtors1030 CASH Petty Cash1200 RECEIVABLES1210 A/REC Trade1220 A/REC Trade Notes Receivable1230 A/REC Installment Receivables1240 A/REC Retain age Withheld1290 A/REC Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts1300 INVENTORIES1310 INV – Reserved1320 INV – Work-in-Progress1330 INV – Finished Goods1340 INV – Reserves1350 INV – Unbilled Cost & Fees1390 INV – Reserve

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